11 Apr 2014

RBI Presents Infrastructural Projects Worth 100 mil Euros at MIPRO 2013

Today at the Hotel Adriatic in Opatija the 36th International Convention MIPRO 2013 was officially opened. At this four day event the RBI scientists presented the key infrastructural projects of the Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) worth over 100 million euros of which only capital structural project Open Scientific Infrastructural Platforms for Innovative Applications in the Economy and Society (O-ZIP) is valued at more than 50 million euros.

As part of the round table "The Role of Research and Educational Infrastructure in Increasing Scientific Productivity and Economic Growth" dr. Ivanka Jerić presented the RBI capital project O-ZIP as the RBI structural project aimed at strengthening the parts of the Institute with the greatest commercial potential and proven excellence in providing European and applied projects.

At the MIPRO round table, which relies on the project Research and Education Infrastructure Dissemination Event (RIDE), besides O-ZIP, the RBI has introduced the largest research facility in Croatia - RBI Accelerator System Centre. Specifically, the RBI Division for Experimental Physics (DEP) hosts the largest research infrastructure in Croatia - Ion Beam Accelerator Complex. This complex consists of two accelerators and nine experimental stations. Most of the many FP7 projects of this RBI Division, contribute to the enhancement of advanced experimental capabilities used in basic and applied research. By providing Trans National Access (TNA), this facility became important European infrastructure centre increasing significantly both incoming and outgoing researchers’ mobility, with more prominent role in education through collaborations with Croatian Universities.

FP7 projects operating under this infrastructure, aimed at strengthening the existing capacities are: SPIRIT (FP7 project worth 7 million euros), Particle Detectors - FP7 project with the biggest budget in the field of natural sciences in Croatia, funded by the European commission in total value of 1.3 million euros, which represents a first step of the DEP scientists towards the development of new research infrastructure for nuclear and particle physics in Croatia, and FP7 projects ENSAR and SPRITE.

In addition to these projects, the RBI presented the new FP7 infrastructural project, which signing was expected soon, worth 5 million euros, as well as three RBI structural project: the capital RBI project Open Scientific Infrastructural Platforms for Innovative Applications in the Economy and Society (O-ZIP), establishment of the Croatian Centre for Advanced materials and Nanotechnology (C2AMN) in partnership with the Institute of Physics (IFS) and the University of Zagreb (UNIZG), as well as the Croatian Scientific and Educational Cloud (HR-ZOO) with Computing Centre of the University of Zagreb (SRCE) as a project leader.  

The total value of the projects presented within the RIDE exhibition was more than 200 million euros. The RIDE project, coordinated by Dr. Karolj Skala, Head of the RBI Centre for Informatics and Computing, aims to encourage the development of national strategies for the development of research infrastructure and high-quality connection to European Research Area (ERA).