Year in Review: Steady Progress on O-ZIP Project

Year in Review: Steady Progress on O-ZIP Project

As we approach the end of the first year of infrastructure works under the O-ZIP project in Zagreb, it's time to take a step back and assess the progress made in a year full of challenges, especially weather-related setbacks. Nonetheless, progress on the construction site is both evident and promising.

The A1 building, also known as the ICST building, is under construction for the benefit of scientists in the field of computer science, erected on the site of former warehouses and workshops. Work on A1 is in full swing. Drywall work, the installation of windows and complex mechanical and electrical work are being carried out. In addition, the water supply and drainage systems have been installed and the backfill around the building is nearing completion. In particular, the installation of a vapour barrier on the roof is an important step to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the building.

The A1 is planned as a collaborative centre, a hub where different scientific disciplines come together to tackle the challenges of the future. This building embodies our mission to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and innovation in information and communication science and technology.

Not far behind in progress is the A3 building, which will house a new accelerator. Work on this building began in May 2023 with the excavation and laying of the foundations. Work is currently underway on the formwork, reinforcement and concreting of the outer walls. At the same time, the ceiling slab formwork is being produced and concreted, a critical phase in the construction of the building.

This infrastructure will allow our scientists to explore and expand knowledge in various areas, from the synthesis and manufacture of materials to the development of advanced analytical techniques for material characterisation, photonics, new devices and radiation technology.

In the meantime, Building A0 is slowly taking shape in place of Biology 1 and 2 and will serve scientists in the fields of chemistry and molecular medicine. Although the rainy season has slowed down this work and the landscaping considerably, the horizontal hydro-insulation and the thermal insulation under the foundation slab are being carried out successfully. In addition, the reinforcement of the foundation slab and the concreting of parts of it are being carried out gradually in view of the large area and the weather conditions.

A highlight of the year was the completion of the reconstruction of the Martinska Research Station.

At the end of this year, we look to the future with optimism. The O-ZIP project will continue with the same commitment and enthusiasm with which it began.

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