New Transmission Electron Microscope at RBI

New Transmission Electron Microscope at RBI

Transmission Electron Microscope at RBI

As part of the project 'Open Scientific Infrastructure Platforms for Innovative Applications in Economy and Society' (O- ZIP), the Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB) in Zagreb has acquired and put into operation an impressive transmission electron microscope, the JEM -1400 Flash. This high-tech device worth EUR 600,000.00 is the latest achievement in the field of scientific research and equipment in the Republic of Croatia.

The JEM -1400 Flash, equipped with a sophisticated, high-resolution and high-sensitivity CMOS camera, now represents a unique device in Croatia. With a magnification of up to 1,200,000 times and a maximum resolution of 0.38 nm, this advanced microscope uses a variable energy electron beam from 60 kV to 120 kV to image samples.

Although primarily intended for the analysis of biological samples, it also offers capabilities for analysing samples obtained by chemical synthesis and for performing less sophisticated analyses of new materials.

David Matthew Smith, Ivanka Jerić i Hrvoje Fulgosi

Dr Hrvoje Fulgosi, head of the RBI's Plant Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory, emphasised: "In our research we will use the microscope to image and analyse cellular ultrastructures, especially chloroplasts, the photosynthetic organelles of vascular plants. Chloroplasts convert light energy into chemical energy via special membranes called thylakoids, bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release molecular oxygen. This fundamental biochemical process of photosynthesis has been the focus of our research interests for many years, and our research group has achieved internationally recognised results."

In addition to applications in biological and biomedical research, a deeper integration of electron and confocal microscopy is also planned, allowing ultrastructural imaging and localisation of specific protein complexes and even individual proteins.

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