Radioecology Unit

The Radioecology Unit provides a contribution to the knowledge and better understanding of the biogeochemical behaviour of natural and artificial radionuclides in the environment. Its work is based on development and improvement of methods and procedures for alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity measurements where nuclear instruments and methods are applied.

Radionuclides ultra-low level measurements will ensure a constantly high quality of results and reduce the measurement time. The alpha-spectrometry system does not currently exist at the RBI facility for radioecology but its procurement is planned in order to enable the high precision determination of alpha-emitters of low activities, especially in water samples with an emphasis on water for human consumption, which is in accordance with the European Council "Drinking Water Directive" 98/83/EC and the European Commission

Recommendation 2001/928/Euratom on the protection of the public against exposure to radon in drinking water. RBI personnel are already trained for its use through scientific collaborations with international institutions.

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